Tire Advice

Here at Tire Professionals, our automotive experts have a combined expertise and experience of over 67 years in the tire industry. We have worked at many various tire stores and have installed tires on everything form T-buckets to Metros to SL500 Mercedes.

We have dealt with almost every tire that separates you from the ground: go-carts to tractors to lawn mowers to trailers. With this limitless tire knowledge, we are trying to help the American public by providing a valuable service. But we DO need some compensation for our time spent helping you with these matters. An unbiased opinion on these important matters is priceless.

Tire Advice from Professionals

We have sold tires, installed them, won contests, and supported our families from the proceeds. We know all the tricks, all the spiffs, and all the pay scales. We have done nearly everything so now it’s time to help those who need it most - the uneducated consumer. Yes, you have consumer reports to try to help you but let’s face it - something has got to be in it for them. Anyone who offers information about a product but also sells it obviously has something to gain. When it all comes down to it, we all have a choice. You can shell out a few bucks and listen to non-biased professionals like us or you can take a risk and settle for the commissioned salesman’s advice. If you would like our service, were here to help with honest answers and facts.

Life is too short and too precious - make good decisions. You and your family will ride on them.

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